NC State

New in MSiReader version 1.03

  • Isotopic distribution and adduct calculator
  • Sequential paired covariance plots
  • Percent isotope enrichment (PIE) calculation and plotting
  • Centroid scans and peak exclusion filtering
  • Scan scrubber tool
  • New colormap tools
  • Summary statistics calculations for quality control
  • Correlation and batch processing tool support for METASPACE annotation files


What’s new in MSiReader version 1.02

  • Spectrum browsing tool with automatic heatmap updates
  • Mass calibration tool
  • Hotspot removal for heatmaps
  • Local TIC normalization
  • 3D plots: image stack, spectral waterfall, and colocalization
  • Status bar and STOP button replaces progress message boxes
  • Faster and more robust loading of imzML data sets
  • Binary mask for heatmap images
  • Compare peaks from two ROIs (same or different data sets)
  • Improved performance of the peak finding algorithm


What’s new in MSiReader v1.01

  • Batch processing and rapid image correlation with MSiCorrelation
  • Multivariate analysis and interactive visualization with MSiPCA
  • Faster imzML parsing and loading
  • New normalization options
  • Save and restore ROIs
  • Injection time scaling
  • Bespoke scan filtering
  • Spectral accuracy calculation and plotting
  • TIC, data density and abundance threshold plots
  • Image summation tool, normalize by the result
  • Delayed heatmap updates
  • Launch the METASPACE website
  • More colormaps including cividis and viridis


What’s new in MSiReader v1.00

  • Loading a folder of data sets at once
  • Mass measurement accuracy plots
  • The MSiExport tool
  • The MSiDatabase peak annotation tool
  • Support for user-written functions
  • Faster m/z resampling
  • Standalone version upgraded to Matlab R2017a
  • Significantly better and faster Excel support
  • Improved performance of data cube navigation
  • More m/z history and clipboard features
  • Custom colormaps and logarithmic color scaling
  • Combined 3-way colocalization and image overlay
  • Spatial, m/z and abundance filtering while loading data


What’s new in MSiReader v0.09

  • Absolute quantification
  • Polarity switching and filtering
  • Reload and apply preferences without unloading the data cube
  • Formatting options for figures exported during batch processing
  • Optional lock for the mapping of abundance to color
  • Enhanced m/z history and clipboard features
  • Segmented linear ROIs
  • Abundance threshold filtering while loading data
  • Faster data set loading for all file types
  • Numerous workflow and interface improvements


What’s new in MSiReader v0.06

  • Binned data export of an ROI or the entire data cube
  • Full support for new Matlab HG2 graphics engine
  • Resizable GUI windows and figures
  • Navigation and post processing while ROIs are active
  • Improved support for imzML files
  • New options to control batch figure formats
  • Load a 2nd data cube without restarting
  • Many other appearance and workflow improvements


What’s new in MSiReader v0.05

  • Added capability to overlay optical image with heatmaps (MSiImage)
  • Capability to export heatmap data in matrix form through MSiSlicer
  • Custom heatmap can now be imported in matrix form
  • Several other minor improvements.


What’s new in MSiReader v0.04

  • New Colocalization tool with adjustable RGB color intensities
  • New MSiSlicer tool to extract intensity graph and 3D heatmaps
  • Custom normalization (apply ANY normalization scheme to your data)
  • New tools to select ROI’s
  • 32-bit standalone version included in package (requested by some users)
  • Several other minor improvements


What’s new in MSiReader v0.03

  • Export intensity data for all pixels in image or from user defined ROI. 
  • Export peak list and/or individual spectra for pixels in user defined ROI
  • TIC normalization added.
  • Generate heatmap from custom intensity data
  • Save/load colormap scales
  • Added tool to zoom on image, measure length and calculate area
  • Many other minor improvements


What’s new in MSiReader v0.02

  • Standalone MSiReader (No Matlab License Required!): In addition to the Open-Source Matlab version, a compiled standalone version of MSiReader is now provided when you download MSiReader. See updated manual for details about installation.
  • Non-rectangular ROI support for mzXML files: Option to provide a pixel location .txt file together with your mzXML files so that virtually any ROI shape can be defined.
  • Bug fixed when trying to resample data from empty imzML pixels.
  • Bug fixed when reading header files from some .IMG files (Analyze7.5)
  • Other minor improvements